About Mangu A/S

The main activities of Mangu A/S are imports and exports. Our 4 employees serve a network of over 100 retailers all over Europe and also in the USA.

The majority of our imports originate in Brazil, China, Thailand, Germany, Italy, and the USA.

Our main product lines include playing cards and poker chips, as well as tables for card and casino games. Dart, soccer tables and backgammon constitute an ever increasing part of the turnover.

Moreover, we also distribute table tennis, airhockey and pool equipment, puzzles and coin-operated gaming tables to bars and cafés.

The primary product lines were the only ones when the company was founded back in January 2005, and the rest of the products have been added a result of the inevitable growth since then.

Should you wish to receive additional information or inquire about any of our products, you are welcome to use the form on the Contacts page.